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Behind the scenes: The Full Story

Andrew Douglas-Fisher Buckland creator/co-owner of Blue Giraffe now lives in South Devon with his wife, and 2 children. Having previously lived and worked throughout England and Scotland for a wide spectrum of businesses. These businesses have varied from; small startups, Data Marketing, SME manufacturers, business consultancy, highly regulated ex-public sector organisations to FTSE 100 companies. Andrew has witnessed first hand what hinders the development and flexibility of business struggling to keep up with changing environment and scale and more importantly what makes them flourish. 

Always an innovative and pragmatic solution finder at work, at home his life and interests have increasingly moved towards recognising that physical and spiritual balance is essential to health and happiness in his personal life but also equally important in business.

The catalyst for bringing Andrew's observations, experiences and balanced approach together to support businesses to be better was reading Satish Kumar's book 'Soil, Soul and Society'. Kumar's focus on our relationship and impact on the environment, society and communities, together with our daily search for the ever evolving sense of purpose resonated at the exact moment Blue Giraffe was forming. Focusing Andrew's offering into 5 products to support the growth of all types and sizes of business.

Andrew says “we take the time to truly understand your business its products, functional strengths, constraints, your place in your supply chain, the environment you operate within and the social value opportunities. Once we have gained this knowledge, it forms the foundations for our advice and support in delivering robust sustainable innovation, adaptable business plans, identifying revenue growth opportunities, supply chain relationship evolution and positive sustainable change helping your business innovate, grow and thrive.”

Andrew is passionate about supporting businesses to be the best versions of themselves. Organisations can expect Blue Giraffe to take the time to understand what makes them unique, before tailoring their service offering, contribution and advice. 

To read more about the specifics of Andrew’s experience, skills and approach with business go to his LinkedIn Profile or follow the blog. Meanwhile take a look at the beautiful piece of poetry below, 'No Title Required' by Wislawa Szymborska, it inspired the first step of this journey for Andrew. 

No Title Required - Wislawa Szymborska


It's come to this: I'm sitting under a tree,

beside a river

on a sunny morning.

It's an insignificant event

and won't go down in history.

It's not battles and pacts,

whose motives are scrutinised,

or noteworthy tyrannicides.

And yet I'm sitting by this river, that's a fact.

And since I'm here,

I must have come from somewhere,

and before that

I must have turned up in many other places,

exactly like the conquerors of nations

before setting sail.

Even a passing moment has its fertile past,

its Friday before Saturday,

its May before June.

Its horizons are no less real

than those a marshal's fieldglasses might scan.


This tree is a poplar that's been rooted here for years.

The river is the Raba; it didn't spring up yesterday.

The path leading through the bushes

wasn't beaten last week.

The wind had to blow the clouds here

before it could blow them away.


And though nothing much is going on nearby,

the world's no poorer in details for that,

it's just as grounded, just as definite

as when migrating races held it captive.


Conspiracies aren't the only things shrouded in silence.

Retinues of reasons don't trail coronations alone.

Anniversaries of revolutions may roll around,

but so do oval pebbles encircling the bay.


The tapestry of circumstance is intricate and dense.

Ants stitching in the grass.

The grass sewn into the ground.

The pattern of a wave being needled by a twig.


So it happens that I am and look.

Above me a white butterfly is fluttering through the air

on wings that are its alone

and a shadow skims through my hands

that is none other, no one else's, but its own.


When I see such things I'm no longer sure

that what's important

is more important than what's not.

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