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The Blue Giraffe model for


"Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure.” Confucius

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Stakeholder Management
Contracting Readiness

Contracting Readiness

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail" - Benjamin Franklin

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Procurement Stakeholder Management

The Contracting Readiness Model - powered by Blue Giraffe - will not only reduce contracting risk, but it will become a powerful facilitator for the designing and implementing future-ready operating models. Enabling procurement organisations to create comprehensive procurement strategies that clearly demonstrate the value of every cross-functional contribution whilst providing the clarity and foresight that will allow you to positively re-imagine operating models across six key enablers—process, digital, data, organisation, governance, capabilities, and culture.

Let Blue Giraffe develop a bespoke Contracting Readiness model for your organisation, every element is highly customisable to ensure it meets your specific needs. 

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Contracting Readiness



Do you know if your businesses is ready to contract?

Do you understand the risks you are introducing if just one functional area is unable to fully contribute to the procurement process?

The Blue Giraffe Contracting Readiness model, is a multi-functional approach. It identifies and tracks the up & down stream enablers that are required to de-risk your market engagements, mobilisation and contract management activities.

Bringing a targeted and value adding approach to the functional contributions, risk and mitigation activities at all stages of the procurement life-cycle.


Why should you care?

2015 Deloitte report estimates that with better procurement procedures, the Australian government could save $2.5 billion and boost GDP by an additional $5.1 billion by 2030. Closer to home, the cost of poor procurement, for the UK Government, has been estimated to be £13.9 billion between 2016 - 2019.


How does it help?
A structured and repeatable approach to your procurement activity, via a Blue Giraffe Readiness Model ensures that 'poor procurement' becomes a thing of the past, reducing downstream contract management / service delivery risks.
The risks and challenges faced by every organisation, private or public can be strategically and pragmatically mitigated or managed. The Readiness Model has already been shown to reduce upstream risk by up-to 70%. 


What will we do?


In order to  put a Contracting Readiness model in place, We will analyse your processes and the way you work. Then we will create a relative measure of your functional contributions,


Placing a value on the impact of immaturity in any functional area. Creating a real-time broad spectrum auditable trial, enabling effective prioritisation of risk, tracking and reporting by value.


Driving transparent, efficient management and reporting by exception for the entire procurement life cycle for all of the business.  

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