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Innovation Framework

Innovation Framework

"If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got" - Albert Einstein

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1st Horizon - Embed Culture


Creating and redefining the incremental process improvements, the tweaks to ways of working that bring quick wins and open the door to establishing a formal innovation framework. Creating a readiness & openness to receive, embody and participate in innovative change.

3rd Horizon - Complimentary, Breakthrough & Disruptive

The environment and mind-set to cultivate truly breath-taking innovation will now exist. Engendering an Innovation Eco-System where your organisation proactively attracts ideas, proposals and solutions.

2nd Horizon - Safe Place to Innovate


Targeted change that will deliver sustaining innovation, creating value from your established network of key suppliers, sustaining the tool-sets, rhetoric and momentum whilst introducing commercial reward mechanisms. 

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Innovation Framework

Move to win-win relationships within an innovation framework that will embed an open transformation mind-set and culture

Innovation Framework

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The Blue Giraffe Innovation Framework will not deliver a single innovative change to your organisation, it will deliver something far more valuable.
The Blue Giraffe Innovation Framework will deliver a culture of innovation, creating a receptive open environment embedding trust, acceptance and familiarity in the change process that inevitably accompanies innovation.


1st Horizon: we will provide the toolsets and people to help to engineer a culture of openness to Innovation and the familiarity with the inevitable change process that naturally follows.


We will participate in and draw out the safety, health & environmental or quality performance ideas that are waiting to be harvested from key workers.


2nd Horizon: is more aspirational; it involves creating a ‘Safe Place to Innovate’ for your existing supply chain.


First delivering incremental improvements, building supplier trust whilst securing a genuinely positive dialogue with your supply chain. 


These are precise low-cost / no-cost interventions that deliver immediate measurable impact in areas such as operational efficiency  and commercial well-being.


3rd Horizon: the third horizon leads you to the best of UK industry, targeting small to medium enterprises that will eventually support an Innovation Ecosystem. We will present opportunities for growth and early indicators of future disruption, unlocking and unearthing transformative innovation.
 It is a proactive gathering of innovation, facilitated by Blue Giraffe giving your organisation a level of anonymity protecting your strategic vision and creative exploration.

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