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Hiring is time consuming, emotional and quite often stressful, you have aligned your strategic and operational requirements, you have analysed the needs of the team and designed the role. You have the pressure of making decisions and hiring talent that will help or hinder growth and develop your business. Then you spend a lot of time finding the right fit, the best skills and experience. Then, you eventually reach the point where you have secured the best talent and you have your plan, you now have to wait up to 3 months for their notice period. That's a huge investment by any measure. Now all of this is complete and your new talent is about to start and now you have a very important  choice:

1. You assimilate them - lets call it - 'the old way' converting them into, one of your people with prescriptive, overbearing and linear processes and policy.


2.  You give your new employees the opportunity to shine and deliver on the promise that inspired you to employ them in the first place. Inspire your people with visionary and holistic outcome based targets with the unique Soil, Soul & Society (SO3) approach, give them a chance to deliver to their capability with a blended inputs / outputs based governance model from Blue Giraffe.

For more detail take a look below and if you what to discuss further then reach out to Blue Giraffe and we will help you to deliver the Positive Governance Framework.

The Blue Giraffe Way...

Outcome based process, process innovation

The Old Way...

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“Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create.”
― Roy T. Bennett


Don't lessen the positive impact your management professionals can have, with over prescriptive governance frameworks.

We can modify your existing or create from scratch, a governance framework with an open and inspiring manner, that will unlock positive and innovative contributions, whist inspiring passionate ownership of activities.

Unlocking your management teams full potential, giving your business a unique competitive advantage.


Why should you care?

If you are targeting ‘status quo’ and ‘normal’ then your existing governance framework just might be OK.


The Positive Governance approach will move you away from prescriptive stifling governance that delivers minimum expectations, limited by the imagination of its authors and the punitive measurement regime that inevitably follows.


The same frameworks will not only limit output but can stifle hard won gains by your talent acquisition team taking the potential and promise of new employees and converting that into just another cog in a bigger machine.


When utilised recently, in a procurement setting, it reduced time to market by over 40% and increased cross-functional participation by over 70%.



How does it help?


If you are looking to improve your business, innovate or grow the expertise of a specific functional area. We can support your talent acquisition strategies with the Blue Giraffe governance framework, it will help you strike the balance between being too vague and losing control and too detailed and smothering your talent.

Releasing  potential to fulfil the vision behind your hires and your existing talent. Aligning your strategic aspirations, your critical outputs and regulatory inputs. We then target and facilitate the change you want to see and the success your business deserves.

It doesn't have to be for the entire organisation, a targeted discrete governance  model can unlock a powerful targeted area of expertise for growth, innovation or a distinct project.


What will we do?

We will work with you to understand your organisational construct, your  functional handshakes and external customers. In addition we will study your strategic goals and ambitions, we will analyse and adapt your existing governance framework.

Taking your existing governance model and converting it into a positive and innovative Outcome, Output & Input hybrid model. We will create the manner by which it is measured and governed utilising affirmative confirmation feedback loops.

 The output and outcome specifications

create an environment where individuals are given the responsibility, freedom and trust to create the innovative solutions. Unlocking the expertise and knowledge they arrived with or has simply been suppressed in existing talent. 

Creating a broader, timely and accessible stakeholder value proposition.

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