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SME Value Creation

Growth is never by mere chance; it's the result of forces working together" JC Penny

SME Revenue Growth


Blue Giraffe proudly assists SMEs with anything from simple commercial & strategic guidance to development of strategic & revenue growth plans. We can help the SMEs who are making plans to grow their business or more typically catch-up with the growth already experienced.

In addition we can create the processes and policy that will remove the day-to-day operational burden from you and your management team, helping you transition into the leadership space. Giving you time to do what you do best.


SME growth is sometimes accidental, sometimes planned but often hectic and so fast that key components of business delivery get left behind.


 This lag in business model, strategy or organisational design can create a difficult to quantify barrier to further growth and even make it almost impossible to sustain the gains you have already made.

Sometimes the lag is a factor of growth, sometimes it is just a little gap in know-how, whatever the reason we are prepared to listen, learn and contribute. Whatever your sector & whatever your business be it manufacturing, e-commerce, service industry, logistics or construction, we have proudly served them all.


We know nobody cares for it as much as you, you have created it from nothing and its part of your family.

We will treat you and your business with the respect it deserves, we will not use templates, we are not trying to sell you software and we will not arrive and suggest 100 ideas, give you a report and leave.

We will support you with:

  •  clear & measurable strategic road-map that will help you grow or catch-up in a sustainable easy to understand manner (jargon free / fad free)

  • become an advocate and facilitator of change in your business

  • identify & plan for new revenue streams

  • formalise & secure advantageous supplier relationships

  • turning your data into powerful business intelligence


We will come to wherever you do business and go where ever your business goes and we will live it and breath it, before we make a single suggestion or purpose a single change. We will listen to YOU. You are the world leading expert on your business, nobody knows more about it, nor do they understand its limitations and aspirations like you do.

Through this intimacy, we gain a critical level of detailed knowledge, that helps us to implicitly understand those almost imperceptible nuances that were defined as your unique business grew. Those tasks and ways of working that are almost impossible to define and communicate.

Only then, when we have walked in your shoes, if only for a short distance, only then will we start to generate the strategy, ideas, systems, processes and ways of working bespoke to your needs, to help your business safely grow, innovate and sustain. 

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Some of the ways we can help...
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Just some of the requests we get...
Increase Turnover

I want to increase my turnover by double in the next twelve months...

SME Organistion Control

I need to take control of my business, its taking control of my life and I need help...

SME Procurement Support

I want my supplier relationships to add value not just take time...

Create 2/3/4/5 year strategic plans

Strategy from scratch / improve existing

Change Business Model

Transform Information into Data

Creating New Revenue Streams

Focus on Profit

Diversification into New Markets

Organic Growth

Targeted Change

Formalising, Structuring the way you Work

Culture Change / Creation

Creating Value

Reducing Waste - Lean Management

Identify Complementary Revenue Streams

Creation of Mutually Beneficial Supplier Relationships

Identification of Collaboration Opportunities

Introduction of Innovation 

SME help

I just need some help to get organised

SME Strategic Planning

There is more, there is stuff we haven't even thought about yet, those amazing ideas you have dreamt of, but just need that extra bit of support to make come alive, Blue Giraffe would be proud to be your partner, helping you to deliver.

I have the idea's but I don't know how to turn them into a reality or create the strategy...

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